Over 1,23,000 ml of Illegal Liquor Seized by Nurpur Police

In a significant stride towards curbing illegal alcohol distribution, the District Police of Nurpur, under the leadership of SP Ashok Rattan, conducted a successful raid on illicit country liquor operations. The operations, part of an ongoing anti-drug campaign, led to the seizure of a substantial quantity of country liquor totaling 1,23, 000 ml from two separate locations in the district of Kangra on March 31, 2024.

The first raid targeted a rental store operated by Rakesh Singh, son of Kamal Singh, in Dakua Tehsil, Nurpur District, resulting in the confiscation of 117,000 ml of country liquor. The second operation was carried out at the shop of Davindra Singh, son of Jagdish Chand, located in Dholpur under the jurisdiction of the Fatehpur police station, where officers recovered an additional 6,000 ml of illegal liquor.

Following the raids, the accused individuals in both instances were apprehended and formally charged under Section 39(1)(A) of the HP Excise Act. The District Police are proceeding with further actions as mandated by the law against the individuals involved in these unlawful activities.

These operations underscore the Nurpur District Police’s commitment to dismantling the networks responsible for the illegal distribution of liquor. By actively pursuing and penalizing those involved in such activities, the police force aims to significantly diminish the availability of unauthorized alcohol in the region. SP Ashok Rattan reaffirmed the department’s dedication to the anti-drug campaign, signaling a continued effort to enforce the law and safeguard the community against the perils associated with illicit substances.

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