‘Women can use knives, pepper spray in self-defence’

Pune (IANS) Pune Commissioner of Police Gulabrao Pol has asked women to carry knives, chilli powder and pepper spray and be prepared to use them in self-defence when attacked.

Speaking at a meeting organised to discuss security of women late Wednesday, Pol said that women should adopt such self-defence tactics before they call police for help.

When contacted today, Pol said it was important that women defend themselves and avoid getting hurt before the police arrive.

“Carrying knives, chilli powder or spray will help women defend themselves against any man who may harass them,” Pol told IANS.

“There is a provision in the law that says a woman can attack the culprit in self-defence. A woman can raise an alarm, injure her attacker and then call for police help,” he added.

Pol also said police plan to deploy women officials at every police station in the city so that it becomes easier for women to walk in and register a complaint.

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