Indian men conservative, says British designer

New Delhi: Men make cautious buyers, but Indian men are even more conservative and traditional when it comes to their dressing style, feels British designer Fabian Lintott, who is currently in India to launch a new range of bags.

British designer Fabian Lintott
British designer Fabian Lintott

“Indian men are a touch more conservative compared to the international field. Indian men are still fairly new to fashion consumerism. Men in general tend to lean towards the more cautious side when it comes to the purchases they make,” Lintott told in an interview.

Based out of London, the 31-year-old is currently in Pondicherry to launch the latest collection of Hidesign bags, a brand he has been associated with from 2006. He is responsible for giving a quirky taste to the Indian brand’s designs.

“I have been fortunate enough to visit the Hidesign factory here in Pondicherry every year for the last six years. I have to be honest: I love coming here. The vibe of India is always electric and contagious. There is a real sense of the way the country is changing and developing, which is exciting. It is always an inspirational experience,” he said.

Lintott feels Indian men need to keep into account their personality while dressing up as well as accessorising, without thinking much about others.

“I think you have to be true to yourself. As long as you are comfortable with your style, no one else really matters. In Japan, for instance, men are happy to carry man bags and underarm bags, as well as the more commonly seen city and cross body bags. As long as you are comfortable, I say go for it,” he said.

A graduate of Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, London, the designer feels there has of late been tremendous growth in the area of men’s accessory.The effect of that, he believes, is reflecting on Indian soil too.

“There is now a huge growth in the men’s accessory market over the last few years. Men have woken up to accessories and to more adventurous use of colour,” he said.

“I think accessories are and will be ever more important in our lives. With iPads, tablets, laptops and other tech pieces, accessories like the humble despatch bag, briefcase or day bag are called upon more and more to help us carry our precious items. This will lead to more and more demand for bags to fulfil our needs,” he added.

Talking about his design inspiration, he said it varies from simple things to extraordinary landscapes.

“I am fluid with my inspiration sources. I love details and my sources are always varied. It may be a bonnet catch on an old sports car or as varied as leaves from the garden. It is always the little things that spark an idea that leads me to the finished item,” said Lintott.

He also revealed that Hidesign will soon launch its first range of sunglasses, shoes and non-leather luggage.

-By Nivedita

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