Disaster Mitigation Authority warns of Earthquake in Himachal

Solan: National Disaster Mitigation Authority experts today warned of a massive earthquake in the state in near future. Senior expert, Major General Rtd., V.K. Dutta said that chances of an earthquake hitting Himachal are highly likely.

He also said that the center of this earthquake could either be Mandi or Sundernagar. He was addressing a Capacity Development Program here in Solan today.

Shimla Concrete Jungle

Himachal Pradesh lies in the Zone 4 and Zone 5 of Seismic Hazard Zoning scale. Mandi and Sundernagar lie in the Zone 5 whereas; Shimla, Kinnaur, and Spiti lie in the Zone 4. Due to its location Himachal Pradesh weathers dozens of mild earthquakes every year. (Source: Asc-India)

Zone 5 covers the areas with the highest risks that suffer earthquakes of intensity 8 or greater.

Looking at the construction patterns in the state and the attention paid by a lazy Town and Planning Department, if any earthquake hits the state, the damage will be collateral and beyond imagination.

The state had started a Capacity Development Program few years back but nothing concrete could come out of it because already constructed buildings in the state, mainly in the Mandi and Shimla region have been flouting the rules since decades.

There are new rules and regulations in place that do not allow constructing buildings in a haphazardous manner although.

The experts also said that the earthquake will be of magnitude of 8 Richter and it could inflict damage on the neighboring states as well.

Toll Free Number to report emergencies and Natural Calamities in Solan District is 1077

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