Congress for multi brand retail in Himachal

Shimla: Congress in power would implement FDI in multi brand retail in Himachal as a party spokesman turned around to hold that chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal views on the subject held no weight at a time when elections in the state have been held and results are awaited.

Taking offence to chief ministers’ stance, spokesman Kuldeep Rathore said that FDI was of much benefit to the farming and fruit growing community, especially as much as 90 percent of the state population resided in villages.

Should Congress win the elections, we will implement the policy that has been approved by parliament, he said.

He added that Dhumal was unnecessarily raising a hue and cry over the matter as multi brand retail outlets had only been approved for cities with over a 10 lakh population base and there was not such city in Himachal Pradesh.

But since much of the off-season vegetable supply lines and highly perishable temperate fruits are grown in this state, large FDI players would have the investments needed for setting up cool chains and introducing newer technologies, both for farms and post harvest management purposes, the union governments’ decision would prove very Himachal, he said.

Reacting to a question about their being many aspirants for the chief ministers position, should the party win the elections, Rathore said that the final authority lay with party president Sonia Gandhi, who will have a final say to settle the issue.

Polls for the state assembly elections were held on November 4 and results are to be declared on December 20, after conclusion of polling in Gujarat.

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