Ulemas call High Court verdict as religious interference

Srinagar: Declaring recent judgment on the divorcee by High court of J&K as religious interference’, Jammiat Ahli Hadess chief said that organization will formulate a council comprising of learned Ulemas and Lawyers to ‘check out consequences of judgment.’

“It is total religious interference. We cannot tolerate it. We have decided to form a council to check the consequences of the Judgment in the light of Quran and Sunnah, after that future course of action will be decided.” Jamiat Ahli Hadees president, Ghulam Rasool Malik said while addressing a seminar of various religious leaders from different organizations and lawyers called in to check fallout of the High court decision at their headquarters here.

Pledging to draw a permanent strategy on the likewise issues in the future, Malik said, “We want a permanent solution on such issues. We will formulate a board in consultation with all the religious organizations which will address issues on women rights, divorce, and related issues. It will work on grass root level as well as on state level. To ensure its decisions social and local influence will be used at Mohalla level and village level as well as district committee. Lawyers and Ulemas will be part of it. We want to ensure limited role of courts in religious matters in future as well,” Malik said.

Without naming anyone, Malik said that ‘for some petty interests like, money, status and power some people at religious as well as political level is doing harm to us.’

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