The One Handed Rickshaw Puller, in God’s own land!

Amritsar, the holiest cities of the Sikhs. Getting to see Amritsar’s Golden Temple is quite an experience. One can see hundreds of people lined up to catch a glimpse of the holy book. And in the wee hours, the temple looks even more beautiful.

The reflection of the dome gives impression of sunset in the holy waters.

That’s the best way to start your day. Or Probably not!

There are even better ways to start your day.

After a long back breaking ‘bus journey’ from Shimla to Amritsar, you do not expect miracles to happen with you. But the Universe has its own ways, miracles happen!

Bilaa Rickshaw Puller One Hand Amritsar

Living condition of a rickshaw puller in India is not always great. Pulling rickshaw for as low as 5 Rupees doesn’t sound great anyways. Here is a man who has been doing it for the last 15 years, single-handedly. And when I say single-handedly, literally it means with one hand.

‘Billa’ is his name one can find him around Amritsar Golden Temple.

And believe us, if you haven’t paid any attention to his hands, his riding skills will never let you realize that he has only one hand.

He lost his hands when he was working with a company. He did not let it go however. He bought a rickshaw and its been 15 years since then.


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