How can the ‘Youth’ make the most of this election?

“Like in every election season, many of us are finding ourselves confused. Questions like, whom should we vote for? All politicians are the same; do they even deserve our vote? Would my one vote make a difference?

Should I just vote for the same party for which my parents have been voting for years?

As we reach close to the polling date, political parties are leaving no stone unturned to allure young voters. They are well aware that with the average age of an Indian being about 25 years- youth of the country holds the key to power. I believe if we follow some simple steps, we would be able to make better choices- thus leading to a progressive state with a sustainable development.

As a youth, first thing we must ask the candidates not just WHAT they would do, but HOW would they do it. There are thousands of issues spanning across a vast spectrum in these elections with corruption, price rise and unemployment being the prime ones. The problem is that most of these issues are quite broad. All candidates promise to solve these problems, but do not tell us how would they do it.

These issues should be narrowed down to a granular level. Example; we could ask our candidates:

How can they make sure that one gets access to their land records in a timely manner without bribing revenue officials?

How many people in the constituency can they work towards getting employed, and How?

Secondly, we must make sure that relevant subjects always remain on the forefront. A certain candidate might make much hue and cry about the rising petroleum prices, but we all know that as a Member of Legislative Assembly he/she has little control over those things. Instead, we must bring more pertinent issues (like condition of roads, waste decomposition-recycling unit, state of local schools and colleges) that are in jurisdiction of the candidate to limelight.

Lastly, it is very important to make our candidates accountable. One might make many promises, but they do not mean anything unless fulfilled. We youngsters are blessed with sharp memories, and are lucky to have access and exposure to modern technology that could help us in doing this.

India would be a much better country if we become aware as voters. I would appeal to all of you to make the best use of your vote. Think twice before you vote: We are not just voting a candidate-We are voting our future.


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  1. says: Sharma sneh

    Kya koi party reservation ke mude per bhi soch rhi hai. Jo ki jaati ke aadhar per na ho ker merit ke aadhar per honi chahiye. Maan lete hain ki reserve category walon ke sath pahle galat hua. To kya ab general category walon ke sath bhi vaisa hi nhi ho rha hai jo en politions ko kyon nhi dikh rha hai. Es se desh ka bhi nuksan ho rha hai, corruption bhi bdh rhi hai. MaritoriuMaritorious log piche rhne se defective policies bn rhin hain. Jis se india ke development ki speed dhimi pd rhi hai. Maritorious log kab tek apne guse ko dba payenge jab vah lawa bn ke futega to sbhalna muskil ho jayega.

  2. says: R. Nisha Oraon

    True. political mobilisation among youth is required…they have more energy and more enthusiasm…when people keep complaining about the corruption among politicians et al, i often wonder, why complain when they are the ones who have voted such leaders to power..? Most of the youth abstain from voting, and others vote without seriously considering all the points which you have highlighted.. Democracy has bestowed enormous powers upon the people… during election times, this power should be used very judiciously…the youth can play a very important role in the whole process..their active participation can snowball into the revolutionary change which we need.

  3. A great and ever-relevant message! The democracy can only work better if the citizens act as watch-dogs. The voters should focus on work performance, credentials and profile of the candidate rather than being carried away by caste, creed and linguistic considerations. Even though, time and again Indian voter has demonstrated his/her maturity, but we have also seen how susceptible, he/she is to parochial considerations. However, the youth is learning that in order to strengthen democracy, they have to rise above partisan considerations and elect candidates that would best serve the constituency.
    I also congratulate the people of Himachal Pradesh for turning out in large numbers (around 75 %) to vote for the assembly elections last week.

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