Uttarakhand sports minister challenged to run 100 metres dash

Dehradun : Chief minister Vijay Bahuguna has found himself in a piquant situation on more than one occasion and more often than not that it is the Congress legislators or leaders that have brought about the embarrassing situation.

The latest of these is the issue raised by the chairman of the state Forest Development Corporation Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion daring the sports minister Dinesh Aggarwal to a 100 metres dash run.

To rub salt to injury, Champion questioned the morality of the minister for going to witness the London Olympics and how it would benefit the sportsmen or sports in this small mountain state.

“I will shave off my moustaches if the sports minister can run 100 metres” said the Congress MLA who sports big moustaches.

Though neither chief minister Vijay bahuguna nor the sports minister wanted to be drawn into the controversy and comment on the remark, but Champion did not shy away from commenting on the chief minister also. “Bahuguna government is weak”, he told newspersons.

Apparently Champion is miffed over the fact that there were transfers done in the Forest Corporation, of which he is the chairman, with out his consent.

The transfers were done by the general manager of the Corporation without either taking his consent or even showing him the list.

He said that he would take up the matter with the chief minister that chairman of the Corporation should have financial, executive and administrative powers and if necessary, he would even move a private member’s resolution in this regard in the vidhan sabha.

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