Tibet Youth Congress to celebrate 2013 as 100th Year of Independence

HH Dalai Lama Tibet Youth CongressDharamshala: Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) shall mark the year 2013 as 100 years since the 13th Dalai Lama declared the independence of Tibet. It was decided in a meeting at Dharamsala today.

TYC shall conduct series of International meetings from October 2012 to February 2013 in North America, East Asia, Europe, the Pacific, India, Nepal, and Bhutan. These events will focus on topics related to the goals and strategies on restoring the independence of Tibet, as well as developing the confidence and achievements of Rangzen (‘freedom’) advocates.

Furthermore, a competition will be organized to see who can create the most meaningful and powerful emblem that can be used to represent the ‘Freedom” movement. Winner will be awarded INR 50,000 in cash prize.

“Final International Rangzen Conference will be held in Dharamshala, India on 13 February 2013 to coincide with the actual date of the proclamation of independence by HH the 13th Dalai Lama 100 years ago,” said MsTenzin Chokey ,General Secretary TYC.

The Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) is a worldwide Organization of Tibetans united in common struggle for the restoration of complete independence for Tibet. It is the largest and most active non-governmental Organization of Tibetans in exile, having more than 30,000 members worldwide.

TYC was founded on October 7, 1970 in Dharamsala with Dalai Lama delivering the inaugural address.

The founding members of TYC were: Tenzin Geyche Tethong, Lodi G. Gyari, Sonam Topgyal, and Tenzin N. Tethong. Tenzin Geyche Tethong was the first President of the Youth Congress. Dr. Lobsang Sangay, current PM of the Tibetan government in exile is also a former Tibetan Youth Congress leader.

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  1. says: daniellee

    Dalai Lama should not force the Tibetans youth for self immolating. It should be Dalai Lama to sacrifice himself what he believed in to be a king.

  2. says: sidhartha

    In the profundity of breaths lies our understanding of freedom, and that us mankind must know that till our last breath we must fight, and fighting with silence is something so difficult , yet only the moments of such silence know. The Dalai Lama must know that we are all together with him in this silence and only wish strength to everyone in every breath so that each one of us is strong enough to fight further.

    This is a really auspicious occasion to call for such Freedom!!!

    Tashi Delek

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