Grid collapse hits power supply for second day

Shimla: For the second consecutive day today, major snag in the grid paralyzed life in the region as yesterday’s breakdown spread beyond the north grid and took down the eastern power grid also causing a blackout for well over four hours.

Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board (HPSEB) spokesman Anurag Prasher said that power supply was disrupted today as the northern grid tripped again and had an impact across 7 states.

“As such there is no power shortage in Himachal Pradesh but with some utilities overdrawing from the grid, a major snag had developed,” he said.

Passed the mid-night hour yesterday, whole of north India was plunged into darkness as the grid had collapsed leaving the region with one of the longest outage in recent years.

“Hydropower stations in the state were producing sufficient power to meet domestic and industrial needs but the generation is first connected with the grid before power is drawn back,” said Prasher.

Vijya Verma, spokesman SJVNL said that the grid failure had led to a forced shut down of all 6 turbines at the 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri power plant for five hours.

Good rains over the last two days had increased water flows in rivers and streams that had increased power generation at hydroplants.

Electric supply was restored by 6.30, and the outage impacted businesses and emergency services in hospitals.

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