Election Time: Is It Now or Never for Employees?

Elections are round the corner. This is for the first time that we are seeing an environment whereby all employees of state/PSUs are raising many demands and protesting in different forms.

Right from rain-shelters to traffic movement, black badges, gate meetings etc., a unique scenario has emerged in Himachal Pradesh in the election year.

Every one is out there to grab something. Most issues are relating to salary hikes and the regularization of contractual/ad-hock services.

Government attributes it to the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act 2003.

But FRBM never envisaged the vague and exploitative service conditions by the employer.

It is unfortunate that our proclaimed ‘bhole-bhale Himachalies’ occupying public offices design the service conditions so vague and harsh which is unimaginable even by the private sector.

Saying something else at the time of recruitment and telling opposite when grilled by the courts of law. No tension and accountability for the huge sum of public money that is spent on the empanelled advocates.

Is it not the appropriate time to ask our representatives to make all middle level officials accountable for the wrong interpretations/ comments which complicate the service and other matters thereby leading to litigations and public exchequer loss?

Moreover, the Government is not all about looking after employment issues only. Place your comments for a healthy debate on issue and positive suggestions.

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