Yuvraj will start training in 10 weeks: Doctor

New Delhi : Yuvraj Singh’s doctor Nitish Rohatgi Monday said the cricketer is not suffering from lung cancer but has a malignant tumour between the lungs and it is curable. The doctor said that Yuvraj can resume training in 10 weeks.

“Yuvraj is suffering from a rare type of seminoma (germ cell tumour). Yuvraj is not suffering from lung cancer but he has a malignant tumour between the two lungs. The condition he has is called extragonadal seminoma. It is located between his two lungs and is not lung cancer. It is a rare form of cancer but we have been lucky, it is mostly curable. The condition is unlikely to hamper his career,” Rohatgi told reporters here in a hurriedly organised press conference at the Max Saket Hospital.

Extragonadal seminoma is a rare germ cell tumour. Extragonadal germ cell tumours evolvefrom developing sperm or egg cells that travel from the gonads to other parts of the body.

Yuvraj left for the US last month and is being treated at the Cancer Research Centre in Boston. Rohatgi is in constant touch with the doctors in Boston and said Yuvraj shall be able to resume training in 10 weeks.

Rohatgi said Yuvraj is now in much better shape than what he was last year.

“Yuvraj’s physical condition is not the same as it was this time last year but he is doing much better than other patients who suffer from the same condition. He is spending his time playing video games and going for brisk walks. He also takes the occasional jog as well. He is mentally tough and has come to terms with his condition,” he said.

Rohatgi said that Yuvraj will begin the third of his nine weeks of chemotherapy Wednesday.

“On Wednesday Yuvraj will begin the third of his nine weeks of chemotherapy. He should be on the field by the first week of May. We have been in contact with Yuvraj’s doctors on a day-to-day basis.”

Rohatgi said Yuvraj has been keeping himself busy by playing video games and reading books. The cricketer is also seeking inspiration from seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, who survived testicular cancer.

“We are confident of his recovery, he has been reading Lance Armstrong’s books, playing video games and also has been jogging. Max were not involved with the initial treatment, Yuvraj came to us in the second week of January. There is a set protocol, there will be nine weeks of therapy,” added Rohatgi

Anupama Hooda, chief of medical oncology and haematology at Max Saket, said Yuraj’s condition has a 95 percent cure rate.

“Normally this sort of cancer is testicular but Yuvraj’s case was different. His lifestyle has nothing to do with the condition. Side-effects of chemotherapy vary from person to person, Yuvraj should be fine within six weeks of his last chemotherapy session,” she said.

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