CPM and ex-BJP leaders target Dhumal govt

Tikender Panwar , senior CPM leader

Shimla : The CPIM on Thursday asked the BJP government in Himachal Pradesh to stop shielding its corrupt leaders and ministers. Saying the severe indictment made by former BJP leaders has vindicated CPM’s stand. These leaders have charged not only cabinet ministers but also the state party chief of being heavily drenched in corruption.

“The CPIM has been targeting the ruling P.K.Dhumal led government of working against the wishes of the people and allowing the real estate mafia to loot the most important resource of the state,” said Tikender Panwar , senior CPM leader here .

“It is this sector that has a conglomeration of the corrupt politician, a crony businessman and a corrupt bureaucrat at the top that form an imminent threat to the state. This nexus was exposed in Kullu with the arrest of Indoria who was the district police chief. Now with the straight charges levelled by the former leadership of the BJP on the state party chief and some of the cabinet ministers another string of the conglomeration is getting unlocked and unfurled,” Panwar said .

The CPM has reiterated and ridiculed the state BJP by inviting team Anna’ for the formation of the Lokayukta in the state, whereas at the same time veneering its corrupt ministers with a sheath of goodwill gesture of formation of Lokayuktas’ invitation to team Anna and so on.

The party has stated the BJP has double speak and telling big enough lies several times so that it becomes a truth. This is precisely what the BJP is practicing in the state. However the inflated goodwill balloon of the BJP has got deflated from within its own self by a group of its own leadership who have parted and decided to float a new political outfit.

The party has stated, it will step up its campaign against rampant corruption as many scandals are rocking the state that include the CFL bulbs purchase scandal, pulses scandal, Gumma carton factory scandal, violation of tenancy act at the behest of the government and allowing big builders in the real estate and the Kanlog housing project scandal .

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