Trapped leopard in Himachal village released

Shimla : A wild leopard was captured today by Himachal Pradesh wildlife officials in the snow covered Keem village near Rampur , 165 km from here .

The big cat entered the village two days ago in the wee hours spreading fear among the villagers . Forest officials reached the spot braving heavy snow the next day.

“The leopard ventured into the village probably following a village dog . Both the dog and the leopard got trapped in a house . Strangely prey and hunter stayed in one room for two days and the terrorized dog remained unharmed ,” said Homi Dass , owner of the house .

The wildlife officials tranquilized the leopard with a gun .

“After our veterinary doctor examined the big cat we released the animal back into the forest ,” said Hardev Singh , range officer of the state’s wildlife department told the Hill Post .

Due to heavy snowfall leopards tend to enter villages in search of food .

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