Himachal Administrative Service aspirants resent lowering of age limit

Shimla: A section of aspirants for Himachal Administrative Services (HAS) have resented lowering of the age for the competitive examination to 30 years from the earlier 35 years age limit.

Surjit, one such aspirant says, thousands of job seekers would be deprived of the opportunity of competing, especially since the age limit till last year was 35 years.

Terming it an arbitrary decision of HP Public Service Commission, Lalit, another aspirant who is not eligible under the new age bar says, “many state public service commissions like that of Uttarakhand, UP, Jharkhand and Rajasthan has the age limit of 35 years, Bihar has an age limit of 37 years and Haryana of 40 years.”

“The decision of HPPSC would leave many of us not being able to compete at the competitive examination, even though we have spent years preparing for it”, he said.

They have demanded revoking the decision and want the age limit to be restored to 35 years.

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  1. says: ashwani

    We have been trying to raise the issue since the day the notification came out. This is the most arbitrary and idiot decision and its hard to digest why HPPSC is following different line while other state service commission are not modifying the age limit. It should be 30 at least for the native himachali aspirants. This seems to be a fatal mistake as changing the age limit would severly affect the other aspirants from a hill state like himachal who are unable to compete for this prestigious exams at the wanted/suitable/desired time due to paucity of resources or lack of proper information. Please follow the below link also where in all the aspirants are expressing their anger: http://indijobs.hubpages.com/hub/Exam-Date-of-HPAS-HPPSC-2011

    1. says: kanwar

      age should be changed back to 35 from from 30 for the general category candidates. Because I believe govt made a stupid decision to change the age. Many pupil in Himachal decide to take the competitve exam later in life only.I just request the govt keep the age for this exam at 35.

  2. says: ashwani

    Correction please read “It should be 35 at least for the native himachali aspirants” and not 30 as mentioned in the previous post.

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