Punjab poll officials seize Rs 29 Cr of unaccounted cash

Chandigarh:Unaccounted cash amounting to nearly Rs.29 crore has been recovered by various agencies in behalf of the Election Commission (EC) in the past few days in the run-up to the Jan 30 elections to the Punjab assembly.

Punjab’s special chief electoral officer Usha R Sharma told media here that unaccounted cash worth Rs.288,955,866 (Rs.28.89 crore) has been recovered by various static surveillance teams and the cash has been referred to the income tax department for further action.

Among other things recovered so far, 6.35 kg of heroin worth crores in the international market, 2,300 kg poppy husk, 11,206,412 ml of illicit liquor, 143,070 country liquor bottles, 10 kg opium and hundreds of kgs of other drugs have been recovered so far from different parts of the state.

The recoveries have been made in the period since elections were announced Dec 24.

So far, 195,474 licensed arms have been got deposited and 58 unlicensed arms and 194 rounds of ammunition have been seized.


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