Knee Replacement surgery, a trouble-free option now

Chandigarh: You don’t deserve to live with your aching knees; get cognisant and commit yourself towards a healthy life. Counselling on the latest knee replacement surgery options, Senior Knee Replacement & Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Harinder Batth introduced the changing face of Knee Replacement surgery to its recipients at the Chandigarh Press Club today. Also present among select media and guests were Dr Batth’s patients sharing their personal experiences about the surgery. A scientific boon for patients suffering from various knee diseases, Knee surgery is an integrated world-class healthcare system leveraging best medical practices backed by cutting-edge technology. What’s more! The latest technological advances have revolutionized Knee Replacement surgery, allowing more patients to consider treatment sooner.

For prospective patients, the name “Knee Replacement surgery” itself is very scary. Despite the fact that around 80% of population above 65 years suffers from Arthritis in India, less than 5% of people who require this Surgery actually undergo knee replacement.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Harinder Batth, Senior Knee Replacement & Orthopaedic Surgeon said,” It’s a win-win surgery for the patients. Life for most recipients of a joint/knee replacement is vastly improved after healing from the procedure.” “It gives excellent results in indicated cases, one should not fear about it rather, what you really should fear is – Inactivity,” added Dr. Batth

Sharing his experience with the surgery, a patient said, “I feel that I have returned to my normal life. I no longer limp and every day I discover a bit more that I can do that was impossible, difficult or painful before.”

Another knee replacement recipient said, “My knee feels wonderful, the newer one really does feel normal, there is no pain, and the scar is already starting to fade slightly. I am happy that I got my knees replaced on time.”

Some Myths & Facts about Knee Replacement surgery from a patient’s perspective

Myth: “It’s a very painful procedure”

Fact: It’s a pain free procedure. The Epidural Anaesthesia used is good in terms of safety and pain control; if properly pre planned Autologous blood transfusion can be done.

Myth: “it will take ages for me to walk again.”

Fact: Post operative, the patient is mobilised early, Standing, walking, sitting on chair and knee bending allowed on 2nd post operative day.

Myth: “ my life will never be normal again”

Fact: Patient can return to normal activities like driving car, morning walk , Gardening , travelling abroad etc as early as 4 weeks.

Myths: “Implants won’t fell natural, are all the same?”

Fact: It’s now “customised Knee Replacement” with wide variety of implants available. Newer implants besides having long life allow squatting, cross legged position. Others which allow more rotation mimic natural movement of knee and provide normal feeling on stair climbing, hill climbing and on any kind of uneven surface. Some gender specific designs provide minimal bone resection. So now patients can discuss their needs and have a more “customised” Surgery according to their expectations.

Myth: “ I can’t afford replacing my knees”

Fact: It’s affordable now. A single knee surgery costs around 1.5 – 2 L (both around 2.5-3 L) in good Hospital with Medical facilities.

Myth: “I am a heart patient, therefore no surgery for me.”

Fact: Even patients with Heart problem, Cardiac bypass surgery, Stent Angioplasty, High blood pressure, diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Epilepsy, thyroid disease can undergo this surgery safely.

Delaying the Knee Replacement surgery could be dangerous. Its only translates living with pain. The requirement of pain killer pills goes up which means it damages the kidneys over the years and pain never goes away completely. If patient is not taking pain killers it means to avoid pain he is moving less and less. This lack of movement in old age means lack of exercise which translates to gaining weight, prone to blood pressure, diabetes, depression, weak muscles, weak bones and living a life of low self esteem and dependence. (????)

About Dr. Harinder Batth

Dr. Harinder Batth is alumni of PGI, Chandigarh and practising in Chandigarh as Orthopedic Surgeon for 12 years. He is currently Senior Consultant in Department of Orthopedics at Cosmo Hospital and Inscol Hospital. He specialises in Joint Replacement Surgery and is trained in India and abroad for this. He is pioneer Surgeon in tricity to start minimally invasive Knee Replacement and Hip Replacement Surgery. Having more than 500 Joint Replacements to his credit, Dr.Batth aims to bring best and affordable Orthopedic Surgery to tricity.

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