Delinquent judge compulsorily retired on Himachal High Courts recommendation

Shimla: On recommendations from Himachal Pradesh High Court, the state government on Friday imposed the penalty of compulsory retirement of senior civil judge Rajeev Sood with immediate effect for misconduct while performing duties.

On directions from the court, the period of suspension of the judge was treated as service period for purpose of pensionary benefits and as for salary during the suspension period, it was restricted to the amount of subsistence allowance already paid to Rajeev Sood.

Under sub rule (2) of Rule 14 of the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965, an Inquiring Authority was appointed to enquire into the charges framed against Rajeev Sood.

Sources said that charges against the judge pertained to a period when he was a senior civil judge at Poanta Sahib and it has come to light that he had purchased land in the name of his wife from persons who were litigants before his court.

Another charge is said to hold that the land purchased by misappropriation of his position as a judge was bought at a price much below the market price.

Besides, the High Court was not informed about the land bought in the name of his wife.

The inquiry report stated that three of the charges stood proved against the judge and one charge of habitually coming late to the court was also partly proved. There were at least eight charges of misconduct framed against Sood.

Whereas the delinquent judicial officer made a representation before the High Court but the court upheld the findings of guilt by the inquiry officer.

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