BBMB nod for Nadaun irrigation project in Himachal

Shimla: To extend irrigation facilities and bring additional land under multiple cropping, an over Rs 100 Cr medium irrigation proposal for Nadaun area of Hamirpur district has been put to the central government for funding purpose, top officials disclosed.

Director Central Water Commission (CWC) Dorje Gyamba said “the project moved by the state government was under consideration for funding by the union government.”

“Most importantly, Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) has given its no objection for this project that proposes to lift water from Beas river to irrigate agricultural fields,” he said. All irrigation projects in the Satluj and Beas river basin need BBMB approval.

The proposed irrigation facility would benefit about 30,000 people spread over 16 villages and provide annual irrigation to about 6500 hectares. The project is estimated to cost Rs 103.45 crore.

Besides these projects, funding for two flood protection projects are also in the pipeline, with approval for one of them having been obtained, said the CWC director.

In principal approval for the Rs 6.38 Cr Soan Khad flood protection in Dharampur area of Mandi district has been obtained, and a Rs 25 Cr Seer Khad project in Jahu area of Bilaspur district was also being scrutinized for approval, he said.

With the major Shah Nehar Rs 385 Cr irrigation projects in Kangra district nearing completion, work on the Rs 204.5 Cr Finna irrigation project for Nurpur area of Kangra district, which was sanctioned recently, is to start soon.

Only in March, an Rs 88 Cr Changar lift irrigation scheme that draws it water from the Anandpur Sahib hydel channel was inaugurated. This project, only feasible after an agreement with Punjab government, now provides irrigation to 2350 hecaters of parched lands in Naina Devi area of Bilaspur district.

Other projects on which work is going on are the Siddha Medium irrigation and Balh valley irrigation scheme.

Of the 55.67 lakh hectares of land in the hilly state, the potential to provide irrigation through major schemes is limited to 50,000 hectares while an additional 2.85 lakh hectares are covered under minor irrigation schemes.

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