Swami Agnivesh for Right to Reject’ law

Noted social activist Swami Agnivesh said here Sunday the ‘right to rejection’ law will empower every voter and thereby effectively cleanse the highly corrupt system in the country.

“If the right to rejection law becomes a reality it would mean if the voter feels the above candidiates to state assemblies and parliament are not fit to be elected, the voter should have an option to vote for none of the above category,”Aginivesh told reporters here.

“If at least 51 per cent of the voters reject the contesting candidates, it would bar the rejected candidates from contesting at least the next election.This will go a big way in cleansing the corrupt political system,” he explained.

“Even the election commission thinks this law is important and has written to the government that the citizen should have the option of the last button which says ‘none of the above’”,said Aginivesh.

On the government’s decision over the weekend to raise the prices of diesal,kerosene and cooking gas he criticised the Centre for always raising the prices and never bringing them down, and also for imposing heavy taxes.

“Global crude prices often drop but the government never brings the prices down,” he said.

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