“BAPU” Crying for justice in “TEA” town of Himachal Pradesh

Statute of Rashtar Pita Mahtma Gandhi, wrapped with bed sheet in Gandhi Ground of Palampur.

Palampur: “Bapu” (a statute of Mahatama Gandhi ) is crying for the attention of Himachal Pradesh government in this important town of Himachal Pradesh. In fact the statue of Mahatama Gandhi installed in local Gandhi Ground was damaged by some anti- social elements few days ago is yet to be replaced or repaired by the state government. Even after expiry of two months district administration had become silent spectator and step were initiated to install the new statute of first freedom fighter of this country.

Statue of “Rashtar Pita” is in bad shape and damaged part of the statue is covered with a white bed sheet by the local municipal council who maintain the Gandhi ground (see photograph). No body in the administration knew who would provide funds for new statute. Empty liquor bottles, cigarettes packs can be seen in front of statute.

As the statue had developed major cracks, it needed immediate replacement or repair. Matter had been reported to local police and SDM by the citizen of the town for further action. Till date neither police registered any case against the culprits nor any arrest was made.

Enquiries made revealed that rupees 50,000/- needed for the purchase of new statue but there was no funds with the concerned departments. A request for the funds had already been sent to state government , till date no funds were released and local authorities find helpless to go head in the absence of funds. Office of Deputy Commissioner Kangra is also conversant with the situation but it had also failed take any cognigence.

Mr. Parveen Sharma, local BJP MLA when contacted, expressed his concern over the condition of statue, he said it would have been better to remove the statue instead of keeping it in such bad condition. He said state government had no shortage of funds for such matters where a statue of “national hero” was to be replaced who got independence to this Nation.

Tourists season is in full swing these days and hundreds of tourists visit Palampur town daily. They were hurt to see the fate of “ Rashtar Pita” in famous tourist town of Himachal Pradesh.


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