Himachal is on Sale: Thakur Kaul Singh

Thakur Kaul Singh HP PCC President, addressed a Press Conference at Palampur.

PALAMPUR:  Thakur Kaul, President  Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee   has asked the Chief Minister PK Dhumal to bring all scams in purview of high level probe by Judge of Himachal Pradesh High Court pertaining to  sale of land to outsiders, benami land deals, irregularities in the setting up of private universities,  protecting the interests of big industrial houses who had been setting up power projects and cement plant in the state.

Talking to media persons here recenlty Thakur Kaul Singh said  Prem Kumar Dhumal government had failed at all fronts and people of the state had fed up with its anti people and anti state policies.  He said  in present scenario  BJP worker had come out in the streets  against this government as it had failed to full fill its poll promises, check the corruption in high offices of the state and providing employment to the youth.   He said the  recent outbursts of BJP MP  Rajan Sushant against the BJP leaders of state had vindicated  the stand of congres because whatever Rajan Sushant   had stated, congress was also fighting against this government on those issues.

Kaul Singh said  “Himachal is on Sale” as the  present government was liberally allowing the outsiders to buy land in Himachal in gross violation of section 118 of the HP Land Revenue Act. “ Bhu Mafia”  was active in the state and number of “benami land deals” were increasing day by day.  Not only outsiders even foreigners had managed to buy land in Himachal. Instead of initiating action against the “ Mafia” BJP government was protecting them and granting permission in wholesale to buy land in Himachal Pradesh.

Thakur said  funding of Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) by the Industrial houses and power project companies  executing projects in the state had become a big scam.  He said  if these companies were really wanted to make donations in  it should give such money to state exchequer so that the same could be utilised for the welfare of people and state could also grant aid to the HPCA from its exchequer. Why these company were directly funding  the HPCA only it was serious matter and needed deep investigations.

Thakur said Dhumal was misleading the people of state  and blaming the UPA government for discrimination in the allocation of funds to state. He said such allegations of Mr. Dhumal were baseless and for from truth. He quoted that the  between  year 1999- to 2004 NDA government headed by A B Vajpayee was in power, it released only rupees 13000 crores to the state, where as between  2004 to 2009 UPA  was in power it  granted rupees 25000 crores to the state for development works.  Besides,  rupees 4000 crores World Bank Aided Project was also sanctioned to the state for the  execution of power projects.

Thakur Kaul Singh said if congress was voted to power in the coming assembly election it would order high level probe into the  all scams surfaced during BJP regime and put all the corrupt officials  and leaders behind the bars.



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  1. says: Rajneesh

    Mr. Kaul Singh,

    First rescue INDIA from clutches of Madam Sonia ! Tumhari party ne mil ke Bharat Ka Cheer Haran Kar Diya Hai, Pehle Apne Kallmadi Mama aur Maran Bhaiya se Desh ko bachao, Himachal kee Fikar Hum Kar lenge.

    We heard that Air Itlay allowing pets in their planes..Madam going back..who is going with her, just concentrate on it !

  2. says: PradeepR

    Ha ha! Well said. Let him free Himachal of Kamal Nath, Priyanka Vadra nee Gandhi and so many “benami” Congressmen, -women and Amul Babies. Not to forget, Ecology Destroyers like cement plants makers and natural river system destroyer power projects raised in face of local protests.

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