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  1. says: Rajneesh

    There’s more to come on this issue, good work by Artists..But Baba ramdev should carry crusade further only without indulging any political party with his national mission !

    For Congress party and Sonia Gandhi….Kalmadi, Maran, anti INDIA & Separatists Gilani from J&K and militants are national heroes and Baba Ramdev is a thug..Shame !

    Seems that days are over for congress ahead ! Rahul Gandhi’s dream will remain a dream to be a PM, after observing his impotency it feels that he’s not even fit to become even a gatekeeper of any national party !

    India needs leaders like Bhagat Singh or Subsah Chandra Bose Once Again – To Rescue Nation & Present Public From Sitting Demons in Corridors of Power ! Not like SONIA GANDHI – Who Give Speeches With Written Parchis in Hand ..Translated from English or Italian ! Parchi hawa me ud jaye to …O My God Mera Bhashan Ka Paarchi Ur Gya…Bara Bara Galti Ho Gya..

  2. says: arvind

    first of all thanks rajneesh n i m agree with u but we are emotional mango peoples and they are professional politicions farak itna hi hai bus everybdy have a mask on face ……………………

  3. says: Rajneesh

    Dear Arvind,

    You have good potential with creative imagination, a single cartoon can make million minds think ! Though looks like a funny stuff, but all these cartoons have serious meanings !

    Happy to see that Himachal has now creative people with good skills and creativity. Hope to see more in coming days 🙂

    Keep It Up, i am sure your cartoons and creative ways will inspire people to observe and contemplate whats happening around us !

    1. says: Avnish Katoch


      So well said! Each and every cartoon of Arvind has complete story.

      Never met/saw an artist of this level from our state.

      Good for Himachal!

      1. says: arvind

        once again thanks rajneesh ji n katoch ji everthing depends upon your vision if your vision is beautiful then obviously object will be beautiful sab aapki nazar kaa kamaaal hai varna apni kya mazaal hai

  4. says: K.S. Thakur

    99.9% Politician Are corrupted…. This time we Should support BABA Ram dev …..
    If india got back its black money .. We Would be the Citizen of richest country…..

  5. says: jaideep lath

    Assuming if india gets black money back the indian citizens will be the richest among all the nations in the world.It is essential to be proud of a citizen,nomatter if the country is rich or poor.The foundation of a rich country is the citizens.In my opinion if the citizens of a nation unite with eachother and take serious to eachother ,wheather it is a smallest issue for example “saving animals from those cruel people who treat them badly”.We should take him serious and donot neglect him as this is not an interesting issue for me and i have other things to do.If each individual gives a small attention for his initiative,the similar issue can be solved quickly.If we get black money back then we will not be listed among the rich nations of the world.Thanks.
    Jaideep Lath

  6. says: arvind

    @ ks thakur ji thanks

    thakur ji not only politicions but almost every citizen is equaly corrupt on at their own level

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