Karmapa urges China to solve Kirti monastery crisis

The 17 the Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, on Monday appealed to the Chinese government and the international community to peacefully resolve the ongoing crisis at the Kirti monastery,a Tibetan settlement in China’s Sichuan province.


“I join his holiness the Dalai Lama and Kyabche Kirti Rinpoche in their appeal to the Chinese government to resolve the current crisis in Ngaba,” said the Karmapa.


“The Kirti monastery has been tense after the self-immolation and death of 20 year old monk Phuntsok in March this year.He was protesting against Beijing to mark the third anniversary of Tibetan protests held in 2008,” he said.


He said most recently two monks have been sentenced for participating in peaceful protests as Chinese security forces and police continue to blockade the monsatery,”the Karmapa said in a statement released by his office in the hill town of Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh.


“The frequent peaceful protests carried out by the Tibetans are symptoms of a broken and wounded people desperately crying for restoration of their cultural identity,religious and human rights,” he said.


He expressed his concern over the ongoing military seige by the Chinese regime of the Kirti monastery and the arrest of 300 monks and the death of two elderly residents due to police beatings.


He feared the situation could deteriorate into full-scale violence and cause harm to many unarmed Tibetans.


The Karmapa thanked the Indian government for giving him refuge in India since early 2000.


“I am not a Chinese spy,agent or plant in India.Tibet is under Communist China’s totalitarian regime. Unlike democratic India there is no religious freedom in China,”the Karmapa said.


“The Tibetans will never forget that India has generously given shelter to us during our greatest storm.


The Karmapa is the head of the Karma Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism.He was in the news earlier this year after police allegedly recovered huge sums of unaccounted money from his monastery in Dharamsala.He and his office continue to deny the charge.








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  1. says: vjie

    “The Tibetans will never forget that India has generously given shelter to us during our greatest storm.” The author failed to mention that India actively supported the CIA in launching a guerilla warfare against China in the 1960’s from Indian soil.

    1. says: Baldev S. Chauhan

      Your allegation that India supported CIA in launching a guerilla warfare against China is unheard of in India.You are completely misinformed.by your regime.
      This is a classic example of the false propaganda of the Communist party of China against India !

      1. says: Avnish Katoch

        Every time there is a story on Tibetans with some reference to China, we see totally unrelated comments from people who don’t even reveal their identity.

        Last time on Karmapa story, there were lot of comments from anonymous user who used even fake emails.

        Seems there is strong propaganda machinery involved. Hope Indian govt is keeping a close watch.

        I checked some stats and seems China is keeping a close eye on these stories.

  2. says: vjie

    Mr Chauhan
    If you are not aware that CIA parachuted US-trained guerillas into Tibet in the 1960’s, please read Mikel Dunham’s book: Buddha’s Warriors.
    vjie, singapore

    1. says: Baldev S. Chauhan

      Just because this guy has supposedly written such trash in his book it becomes the gospel truth to you,no thank you,not interested in reading such a book.
      In any case this story is a simple news report with a quote of the Karmapa Lama expressing his gratititude to India for offering him refuge.It is not an opinion piece by the author.These are some basic rules of journalism followed in a democracy.
      And by the way if the Karmapa has expressed his gratititude to India why should it bother somebody.
      And above all why bring in false propaganda of an autocratic regime like China to hit out at India !

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