Reliance (Anil Ambani Group) in fray to scout for limestone deposits in Himachal for cement plant

Shimla : Hoping to make a foray into the cement industry here, the Reliance – Anil Ambani group along with ACC, Jaypee Cement and several others has applied for a prospecting license to scout of quality limestone in Shimla district, where a Greenfield plant is proposed to be set up.

Geologist Rajneesh Sharma said that application had been received from Reliance group, ACC, Jaypee, Dalmia Cements and others for prospecting licenses to scout for limestone in Sugraithi area of Chopal Tehsil in Shimla district.

Nearby at Gumma, an cement plant for India Cements has already been awarded and if sufficient limestone deposits are found another plant could come up in the area, he added.

Earlier, a prospecting license for the same region was issued to Indorma – Hidelberg, an Indo-German joint venture in December, 2006 but no investigation was got conducted.

With the expiry of the license period, the mining department in September, 2010 once again has thrown open the Sugraithi region which spans an area of 25 square kilometers around the villages of Batera, Kura, Khera, Thangan and Pauli and does hold prospects of limestone deposits.

Plans for setting up a cement plant can only be drawn up once sufficient quantity and quality mining deposits are confirmed, said Sharma.

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