A Ground By The Lakeside – Bilaspur Cricket Stadium

A Stadia by the lakeside – Bilaspur Cricket Stadium

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    1. says: Avnish

      Infrastructure is the problem. If better hotels, roads and air link is available then Himachal is best place during summers for Cricket and also IT industry (of course all year around).

  1. says: sudarshan

    Yeah. At present, it takes 4 hours from both Shimla and CHandigarh airports. Besides, there is no rail connectivity. The condition of the road connecting the Bilaspur city with Chandigarh is pretty bad. Lots of traffic jams, no scope of improvement untill the road is converted to 4 lanes….Therefore, lots needs to be done before it takes any shape.

  2. says: Devinder K.Sharma

    After the Cricket Stadium in Dharamsala under the towering Dhauladhars, the jewel-like stadium on the left bank of historic Gobindsagar lake is another feather in the cap of the State. It is truly picturesque and one hopes we get some accompanying quality infrastructure alongside to realise its potential. Good road connectivity to this location is almost ruled out because of the three existing cement plants in the region generating huge truck traffic to completely congest the roads. The government could try pushing the Bilaspur broad guage connection to achieve a wide range of advantage to this infrastructure and also for sustenance of tourism in the State.

  3. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    The site and ground seems ok, but where public will sit? Another issue, Bilaspur doesn’t even have a proper 2 star hotel forget international matches. Matches in summer can’t be executed as it gets to hot and humid being close to lake and sand that is there in thousands of TONS ..as water level decreases..the sand gets overheated giving loo type situation and unbearable heat..

  4. says: bhupesh chandel

    this BCA cricket stadium is d most beautiful stadium in d history. It is a great achievment of Mr ANURAG THAKUR.

    1. says: Vivek

      Though the stadium is quite picturesque but pls stop flattering politicians for these things…….. There is only ground without any stands, pavalion, and other related infrastructure which need to be put in place to utilize this picturesque venue.

  5. says: kamal dev kashyap

    that is beautiful but if govt. Will give the good care for it then it will raise and another thing i see many comment in which others tell that there is no two star hotel so frist create bilaspur then create another things

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