Himachal Pradesh Apple growers disgusted by illegal Commissions

Shimla: The Shimla District Committee of Himachal Kisan Sabha (HKS) has condemned the anti farmers attitude of the State Government.
As the fruit season is picking up in the state the plight of fruit growers are increasing day by day, says Sanjay Chauhan of HKS.The state govt. is issuing statements that adequate arrangements have been made for smooth marketing but the facts are totally opposite. There is an acute shortage of trucks particularly in Shimla district to transport apple to various markets. The truck operators unions are charging much higher freight than fixed by the district administration. For instance from kotkhai, area being represented by horticulture minister, to delhi freight fixed by the district administration is Rs.35.96 per box where as the truckers are charging Rs.48.50 per box for the same. Even from kotkhai to shimla, for 70 kms distance, Rs.30 per box are being charged, which can not be justified to any extent. Same is from rest of the places as sabha has received many complaints from growers. Despite hue and cry from the side of the growers nobody from govt. is caring for and growers are open to loot.

On the issue of charging commission from the farmers of the state in Delhi Azadpur market the state govt. made huge propoganda in media that due to its efforts no commission would be charged from the growers after the interim order of delhi high court. But commission is being charged @ 8 percent uninterruptedly by the arthias.

The decision to stop charging commission from the growers was taken way back in the year 2000, after amendment in sales tax act, when there was B.J.P.Govt. in centre, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh. Even at that time and after that both B.J.P.and congress govts.failed to stop this commission.This inaction of the respective govts.to stop this commission doubts the sincerity of B.J.P. and congress party towards farmers of the state.The loss due to this illegally charged commission is about 90 cr.Rupees every year to the farmers of the state.

Himachal Kisan Sabha demands that the state govt. should take effective steps to stop exploitation of farmers from truckers and market forces. And should direct the district administration to check the overcharging by transporters and truck unions.To stop illegal commission in Delhi the state govt. should take effective steps and should ask central govt. to intervene to implement the law of the land. Failing to which kisan sabha will launch an agitation by organising farmers to protect there interest said Chauhan.

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  1. says: Amar Singh

    Two cabinet ministers in the Central Govt, from Himachal seem to be sleeping over the matter regarding charging of 8% commission although their intervention could bring fruitful result.

  2. says: Deepak Verma

    There are number of problems that the apple growers are facing and instead of issuing those statements if they have been implemented at a particular time and at a particulat place , then uptill now the situation would have been much compatible for us .

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