Power tariff hike in Himachal– a setback for industry – PHDCCI

A hike of 13 to 17 percent in power tariffs for industry would not only derail new industrial investments into Himachal Pradesh but would also have existing industries take a re-look at their businesses in the state, says PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI).

Dhian Chan, chairman PHDCCI for Himachal said “ an increase of 40 to 50 paise per unit for power consumed by industrial units is a cruel blow for industry.

“As a power surplus state, Himachal should not take such a step which would discourage industry in the state,” he added.

He further added that the industries were the main consumers of power in the state and were crucial for generating revenues for HP state electricity board.

Industrialists have taken umbrage to the notification of the tariff order that has increased the power tariffs with retrospective effect from April 1 as they felt the effect of increase for the period that had already passed was in no way recoverable from their customers.

The chamber has further lamented that irregular supply and frequent power breakdowns had hindered industrial activity which had been brought to the notice of electricity board but nothing had been done to address the concerns of industrial consumers.

Shortcomings in meeting industrial power needs remain unaddressed and on top of it a hike in tariff is a double whammy said the PHDCCI chairman.

Umesh Akre, a PHDCCI member resented the dual tariff system for the commercial users. He said that instead a single tariff regime based on actual power consumed by commercial users should be adopted.

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