Himachal Govt. to collect empty edible oil pouches from consumers to save environment

“No empty pouch no edible Oil”

Shimla: To save the environment Himachal Pradesh Government has decided to collect empty edible oil pouches from the consumers at all fair price shops in order to keep their environ clean and pollution free, disclosed Daljit Dogra, Managing Director, Civil Supply Corporation.

He also added that the edible oil would be sold only to those consumers who would ensure to return the empty pouches back to the fair price shops from August onwards.

The order has been issued to all 128 fair price shops in the State. Besides that every depot holder will collect these empty pouches and further sell it for Rs. 4 per kilogram to Public Works Department.

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  1. says: Rajneesh

    what bout milk packet pouches..that are made of plastics too..empty soda plastic bottles..chips packets..8 out of edible products in market are wrapped in plastics..the lifestyle gets so much dependent on plastics that we just don’t see plastics wiped out from this world completely..

    Cabinet approved ban on plastics after meetings ..with sipping Bisleri’s & Aquafina..served in plastic bottles..served to attendants..and later orgaisners threw them in some nalla..or dustbin..you never tell me where to send hundreds of pictures that i click almost on every tour to famous tourist destinations in Himachal..will let you know in great details how much sensitive are people and how the law enforced keeps silent on this continued mockery..

    These cosmetic news don’t have any impacts..i can show the blunders with pictures of plastics scattered almost in every town of Himachal..

    I have even the recent pictures of Naggar Castle “The Famous Heritage Hotel Run By Tourism Department” where a dirty garbage dustbin filled with all sorts of plastics in the base of building keeps laughing at all these so called cleaning up drives !

  2. says: Vivek Sharma

    A good move but a more sustainable solution is to teach children in schools and all of us that throwing trash indiscriminately is unacceptable, mostly because it destroys our environment, spoils it for our own selves and our children.


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