Himachal CM Dhumal inaugurates Punam Gupta’s painting exhibition

Shimla: Punam Gupta’s first solo painting exhibition in Shimla at the Tavern Gallery in Gaiety Complex was inaugurated by chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, today.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister commended the artist. He said, “with the opening of Tavern Gallery in Shimla, more and more artists were beginning to exhibit their works in the city.”

“The landscapes exhibit the artist’s sensitivity towards nature,” said Dhumal.

The artist draws inspiration from the richness of natural beauty so abundant in Himachal, the world she live in, and from her many travels.

The canvasses on display encapsulate the essence and spirit of nature’s myriad hues, with which the artist has a deep and intimate empathy.

Speaking about her work, Punam Gupta said that painting was a passion and some of the works on display were almost 15 years old, while others are as recent as one or two years old.

“This happens to be my second exhibition and the first one in Shimla,” she said. The earlier exhibition was held at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi in 2004, she added.

After going around the exhibition, senior artist Baniprosonno, back from recently having held an solo exhibition at Reykjavik in Iceland before a volcanic eruption had grounded Europe’s flight schedules, said, “the touch of abstraction in the landscapes is very good.”

Pointing out at two black and white canvases, Baniprosonno said, “they distinctly stand out.”

Among the various dignitaries present on the occasion were Kurian Joseph, chief justice of Himachal Pradesh, forest minister JP Nadda, Justice Sanjay Karol, Justice Deepak Gupta, Justice Rajiv Sharma and others.

About the artist:

Punam Gupta was born in Chandigarh and began painting at an early age, under the guidance and inspiration of her mother Santosh Manchanda, an acclaimed artist.

“It was from her that I inherited the sensitivity to see the world in ways that are fresh and original and a flair for creative expression,” says Punam.

Largely self-taught, the artist did study painting at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. Although involved in a large range of other creative pursuits over the years including illustrating, writing and theatre, she continued to paint in oils and water colours, steadily honing and refining her skills and techniques.

Punam Gupta is married to Deepak Gupta and lives in Shimla.

Picture credits: Amit Kanwar

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