Fugitive Sex Swami Arrested In Himachal

Pic by Lalit Kumar

Shimla: The Himachal police with assistance from Karnataka police today afternoon arrested the infamous Swami Nithyananda from Arki in Kandaghat area of Solan district.

Daljit Manhas, Director General Police told My Himachal News that on a tip off from Bangalore police who were in the state for the last two days, the Himachal Police was on the lookout for Swami Nithyananda.

“He was arrested from Arki today and is being brought to Shimla. The Swami would be interrogated before a transit custody is obtained in order to hand him over to the Bangalore police for investigations in a case registered in Karnataka”, said Manhas.

Besides Nithyananda, four other people were arrested. Those arrested included Nithya Bhaktananda and Gopal Seelam Reddy.

All the arrested persons are wanted in connection with cases registered in Karnataka, which include the Swami Nithyananda figuring in a sex tape.

The police after arresting Swami Nithyananda disclosed that he for over a month had been staying at house in village Manglik in Arki for over a month.

ID Bhandari, ADGP of CID who were involved in making the arrest said that after tracing a telephone call to Himachal, CID Bangalore had informed them on 17th April about the whereabouts of the fugitive swami being in Himachal.

The Bangalore police team reached Shimla on 19th April and a search operation was launched to nab the Swami.

When a team was scouting the Arki area, a taxi driver provided a lead that there were some people staying in a house at Manglik village, said the police officer. Subsequently the arrest was made, he added.

The Swami who was produced by the police refused to respond to any media queries.

The arrested persons are to be produced before the local magistrate for securing a body warrant so that they could be taken to Bangalore for investigation purposes in the cases registered against them.

A Bangalore team of CID sleuths had conducted a search at Nithyananda Swami’s ashram on 20.4.2010 and seized important documents and computers.

The Swami had shocked followers, last month after a tape showing him getting intimate with a popular Tamil actress was aired by Sun News channel in south India.

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  1. says: ramesh

    why our indians are being cheated by fake gurus means,people has believe in religion and god.But Fake gurus are ….misusing hindu religion sentiments of indian people.
    Nithyanda should be given/hanged to death.Karnataka BJP gvt is behind allegations of nithyananda.That is the reason why nithyananda was not arrested from the past 50 days.
    Nithyanada is arrested only because of Himachal Pradesh Police by taking information from Taxi driver.all indians should cut nithyananda into pieces.

  2. says: Hemant

    So lemme get this straight. It’s illegal for Guru-type spiritual people in India ?
    I’m no fan of that guy or anything, but I believe the law should apply equally to everyone, wether guru or not.

  3. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Everyone is fake, not only this Swami, he was just caught because he was not so clever as our politicians are…50% of INDIAN politicians could be NITYANANDA’s …but they are smarter enough not to be caught…if he couldn’t have been caught..people would have been still following him..touching his feets..Who doesn’t lie? What about our respected politicians? Who live, eat and spread only one thing…lies..and we consume them from morning till night 24×7..for complete 5 years..

    What about this Swami..he just got the limelight because he wears Saffron clothes…what about wolves in white dresses who are expert enough not to be caught easily…Just scrutinize lifestyle of most of the politicians , pick one and stick to him day and night and get to know what kinds of lifestyle he lives…who is he connected to..how his supporters, how big shots , contractors entertain him…I bet no politician will be as pure as they look in white dresses..The Swami has looted faith in name of religion and politicians are looting everything in name of nation..both aspects of same coin.

    Until Nityanada was not caught red handed his feet were abode of bliss to millions..when he was trying to seek bliss in material world..everyone ridiculed him..lols..poor swami and foolish people.

    In this Kalyug nothing is reliable, who knows tomorrow which scandal unearths whom..Some Mantri ji enjoying holidays at Bangkok..with obscure
    scenes..who knows what these politicians do while they go to foregien lands..INDIA me kuch kar nahi sakte reh ke..videsh ja ke pta nahi kaun se Jhande Gaad ke ate hain..lols .. ; )

    Bade bade thekedar, contractors, industrialists… , Netaon ke Chamche…supporters..party fund dene wale…unke phone calls ki details Nikalvao.. ..public will get to know whom they talk and how they get bliss and entertain to whom….then public can know how many Nityanandas are hiding here in hills..lols 🙂

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