5 Arrested for clash in Chamba valley of Himachal

Shimla: Police have arrested five people in connection with the clash on Sunday evening between members of ‘Saal Ghaati Bachao Sangharsh Morcha’ and contractors of a small hydro power project on Hul stream in Chamba district that had left five people injured.

District police superintendent Madusudhan over phone disclosed that the five persons arrested for the clash were Neeraj, Ghanshyam, Narinder Handa, Anil Singh and Anil Gupta. “All were produced in court and a 5-day police remand has been obtained,” he said.

Of the five persons who were injured on Sunday, one is said to have been referred to RP Tanda medical college for treatment, sources revealed. Those injured were Ratan Chand, a Zila Parishad member, Man Singh, an up-pradhan of Jadera Panchayat and three residents Hemraj, Laxman and Manoj.

Demanding stern action against those responsible for causing injury to people who are opposed to the power project, a delegation of Communist Party of India (Marxists) consisting of Kuldeep Tanwar and Sanjay Chauhan sought putting on hold the small hydro projects in Hul valley of Chamba as they were against the interest of the residents. Later the party members also held a protest demonstration in the city.

On the other hand environmentalist group Himalaya Nithi Abhiyan has demanded a review of the entire policy of handing over small hydropower projects as it was overriding the interests of local people, who were at the receiving end from musclemen of the companies that had been allotted these projects.

Photos and Video by: Swaran Deepak Raina.

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  1. says: swaran deepak raina

    all the five accused sent for five days police remand.today at chamba all communist leaders reached at chamba hundereds of villagers also reached chamba organised railly and demanded arrest of hul company administration who instigated gunda contractors,rakesh singha,kulbhushan upmanu were here.tomarrow on the request of all parties chamba district beopar mandal decided to close bazar for two hours. tomarrow sunder lal bahuguna and some prominent leaders reaching chamba.

  2. says: Avnish Katoch

    Himachal is bled from left to right. Corruption is deep into a state which is already in huge debt. Fake and private universities are sold on regular basis. Himachalis youth is unemployed. Cement factories are creating havoc. Small hydro plants in the name of Himachalis are sold to those who don’t even belong to State.

    Problem is Himachalis are not together and one day even those who call themselves secure and elite would also pay the price.

    1. says: aryan

      i think u not fully right…………… i agree that there may be corruption in himachal as it is there in every state of our country …………. but still our state has progressed a lot………….. himachal has been ranked 2nd among all states of india in overall development …………. and is the fastest growing state of our country.
      the hydro power plant where there is a scope of 1-5 MW capacity are being sold to private agencies and they are doing great job without any considerable affect on environment……. himachal has the potential of more than 25 % of total hydropower generation in our country………. what is wrong in extracting that……… while taking care of environment

      1. says: Avnish Katoch


        Getting percentage from central or other agencies is done by building reports not by facts. Our state machinery is quite smart in writing project reports. If they are so expert they should concentrate on bringing the huge debt down, why that always keeps on going up? One day it would be tough to pay salaries in this speed.

        As for as hydels are concerned, HP has no environment expertise not even an expert official with same background. Our CM is visitng Costa Rica, which HP Pr dept is reporting as part of USA.

        Even awarding hydels is not an issue but the ones which are reserved for Himachalis are sold to those who don’t even belong to state, or front people are Himachalis and behind the scenes someone else. The allocated percentage of employement is not given to local youths so that’s the main concern.

        Above that there are many other avenues via which a lot of money can be brought to state exchequer but they are not exploited the way hydels are. Keep in mind hydels do depend on weather God, if there is enough water there would be good generation, in last 3 years all major hydel projects have suffered either due to water shortage or silt in the water (you may research this platform for all the data). Some of the major projects were even shut down for many weeks.

        Tourism is only limited till Kullu and Manali which are now over exploited citites. Religious tourism brings a lot of money but still all major religious sites suffer from lack of infrastructure. Remember Naina Devi tragedy? Or see the road outside Chintpurani temple.

  3. says: swaran deepak raina

    I am to submit that you have not seen those spots where projects are being executed i will show you some photographs.with construction of these projects what happened all grazing lands destroyes,natural water sources dried up,greens trees fell downs,water taken by the project with the result all mini ghrats means water mills stands idlle.these are the main effects which direct effects the villagers of himachal.they are dependable on water mills gharats,they used to keep animals in bulk and for that they need green grass and fodder trees,but when project starts all these facilities eliminated.
    here in Hul nallah where projects are going on,ratten chand sharma who left job of army in the year 1962 or 63 come in the native villiage and work for the envirnment,i was a small kid at that time I have seen those days when with his only mega loud speaker he warned chamba people about growing more and more green trees his efforts come on now that sal valley is one of the most protected valley.from all over the world people come here for study.

    second thing is about corruption isconcerned it is on the record company starts bribing from top to down they offered huge money to govt.of india,then state tops,even minister and MLAS have their share in these projects,then patwari,forest guard and so on,therefore no one listen cries of the villagers i know all things in detail because we are sitting in route level

  4. says: Er. sunil kumar jaryal

    I beg your parden for replying the above said comments you people considering the villagers problems that often coming when you go through the construction steps of hydel projects whether it is a mini or big hydro projects we must take step to improve the conditions of our villagers not by criticizing the hydel projects but describing them them all the benefits which a state or central govt gave on behalf of these project you know that initial cost of hydel project is large but during its implementation it cover its cost within 4-5 years and govt gives employments and other benefits to victim which are signed by govt through companies which is very much beneficial as compression to villagers mills and their land and if we go through the development point of view we should not stop any construction activities which is beneficial to our state or country. Just go through the right steps to companies or govt and take your right which are given to you officially we have to sent out corruption out of our sate or country not our development.we can create a growing state by innovative thinking and searching new ideas to develop our state or nation.you just go through the development of our state excluding hydel project your railway line which is laid my British govt. these people are not able to maintain it. it is very away to laid new railways line I am just want to say that just div ate the thinking of people to do better and be honest and take your rights then you can make a new nation of your thoughts I am working in UK state I always listen praise of my state HP is good in liaison revenue and public relation we just concentrate on 20 years next then we can make a difference.

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