Himachal SCA Elections: ABVP bagged 13, NSUI 10 and SFI 5 seats in Chamba district

Chamba: The three month long election scenario ended in Chamba as Suresh Kumar of SFI defeated NSUI Rakesh, 334 votes, and came up as with flying colors amid 427 votes for presidential seat. ABVP got 333votes.

Chamba college gave a big set back to B.K.Chauhan, local BJP MLA, as his supporters could not win a single seat, as ABVP lost all seats and was pushed to third position. The connivance of two college lecturers who are believed to be right hands of Chauhan with SFI and NSUI to push back ABVP is considered one major reason behind the loss.
NSUI won Vice president, General secretary, and joint secretary, and Gajinder, Lalchand and Maruf Bakshi ,all respectively are the candidates for the seats.

In Salooni and Pangi ( Kilar) colleges ABVP made a clean sweep by winning all four seats.

In Tissa college ABVP and NSUI won two seats each.

In Bharmour NSUI win one post of President whereas all three seats of Vice president, General secretary and joint secretary were won by the ABVP.

In Chowari college all four seats were retained by the SFI.

In Banikhet DAV college all seats were won by NSUI given big jolt to the ruling party MLA Renu Chadha.

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