Cong. found a famous Brahmin to field in Hamirpur political match

madanlal-sharmaShimla: Kuldeep Rathore, a Congress spokesman, said that they were in a hunt for a Brahmin and a famous name to take on the Himachal CM’s son and Madan Lal Udhouram Sharma is the name that fits the bill. Yes, you’ve heard it right ‘a Brahmin’!

Madan Lal, whose family hails from Adhri village currently coaches Delhi Giants in the Indian Cricket League and is son-in-law of the owner of oldest brewery in India, Mohan Meakin, Solan.

With Congress consideration of fielding former cricketer Madan Lal agianst BJP team’s Anurag Thakur for Lok Sabha, the politics in Hamirpur is no less than a cricket match with two experienced cricketer to have their innings.

Earlier Congress was making efforts to field actress Priety Zinta, native of Rohroo, for this LS constituency but somehow the endeavor could not be materialised.

“Yes, Madan Lal’s name is under active consideration of the party along with that of Narinder Thakur and Sunil Sharma Bittu, who is Hamirpur district president of the party, for the Hamirpur seat,” leader of the opposition and a member of screening committee from the state Vidya Stokes told PTI.

Sources said that Sonia Gandhi has sent observer to Hamirpur to collect inputs that are helpful to her to make decision.

Congress parliamentary selection committee earlier declared its candidates for three of the four seats in Himachal except Hamirpur. Chander Kumar was re-nominated for Kangra seat, Dhani Ram Shandil for the Shimla reserved seat and former chief minister Virbhadra Singh has been made the party candidate in place of his wife Pratibha Singh for the Mandi seat.

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  1. says: A Himachali

    A very very good choice. HPCA president taken on by Cricket’s star.

    One is famous because he is son of a politicians and famous father, and the other one is self made man from humble background.

    However defeating Anurag in his home district is daunting task. But now money from both sides would flow like water (which as such is scarcity in this district) but still it seems kind of not possible to defeat Anurag.

    On the other hand election observers should now keep an open eye because Himachal CM would put his complete gov. machinery on job (of course behind the scenes) and wine from Mohan Meakin’s would flow more than water in this dry district, which usually sees major dry spell in coming months!


  2. says: narinder kumar singh

    it is a pity that congress is losing an opportunity to challenge anurag with his own clan of narinder/ madan lal is wash out and no one remembers him to vote for him

    1. says: Ravinder Sharma

      I do’nt agree so Himachlis are well aware and informated people.We can’t predict any thing before.


  3. says: Ravinder Sharma

    It will be an intreresting battle between two cricket personalities.Iam a congressman ,Let’s see what happens

  4. says: Rajeev Sharma

    Whether it will be Madan Lal or Preity Zinta, whether it is east or West, whether Mr. ManMohan Singh or Mayawati, Mr. Anurag will take on every one single handely & will be the winner with record

  5. says: Kiran Thakur

    Congress playing stupid game, Narinder Thakur is the strongest candidate educaed as well, a very successful as an advocate, son of legendry political figure of Himachal Pradesh. Who knows Madan lal in himachal now, his public ground is nothing as compaired to Narinder, after formal entry to congress what so ever questions that were raised by Narinder Thakur against sitting CM are still seeking for an answer???? Dhumal is the most currupt leader in Himachal, with no ideology, no solid plans for state, poor administrator. Dont forget Dhumal is CM today because once a leader was there called Thakur Jagdev Chand, who eshtablished BJP in Hamirpur. Entry of Narinder Thakur in active politics is good not only for Hamirpur but for the whole state as after this elections CM ship of Mr. Dhumal will come down in few days. Himachal really need to get rid of such duplicate leaders Dhumal and Party. Go ahead Narinder we are with you.

  6. says: Mansukh Lal Pathak

    One thing of I am sure about is that congress is not stupid as Narinder Thakur is going to be the candidate of congress from Hamirpur as te news coming and moreover its in some news papers also.

    Kiran you are right PK Dhumal is not a leader at all it is a badluck of Himachlies that BJP now a days is suffring a leadership crises no ehtical leader are there. You have written the fact that if Narinder will win the seat and I am sure that He will win, Anurag Thakur managed victory last time bacause of anti congress wave and moreover leaders like Virbhadra Singh didnt worked a lot, and O.P Rattan was ofcourse a very weak candidate. But this time Narinder Thakur is there, a very strong candidate, and leaders with a strong hold on ground like Thakur Kaul Singh, 5 times CM Virbhadra Singh are backing him.

    Narinder will not only get the vote bank of congress but legecy of his late father is still there and one can still surprised by th fact that after 15 years of his death people respect him more than Dhumal. So, a large vote shair of proper Hamirpur will come into the bag of Narinder. Public here is quite educated and they understand very well what Mr. Dhumal is doing to block the path of Narinder, this had lead to the generation of a simpthy wave in favor of Narinder Thakur. This election will become historical just wait and watch.

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