Renukaji Fair from 8th Nov

Shimla: Famous five day long state level Shri Renukaji Fair is starting from 8th November till 13th November,08.

During the Mela, idol of Lord Parshuram in the decorated palanquin is taken out in colourful procession, which starts from Jamu village and terminates at Dadahu 9 km. far distance between Renuka and Dadahu is hardly 2 kms. The procession is also joined by local deities viz Kattaka and Masu. After getting a traditional welcome at Dadahu, the lord proceeds to his abode ‘Parsuram Temple’. On Ekadashi day the lord is the guest of his mother Renuka and the next day he returns to Jamu.

Cultural programmes and exhibitions by various departments and developmental agencies are other attractions for the visitors.

Raised in Shimla and originally from Mandi district, Disha wears many caps which includes being part of a lead team of a fast growing IT company based out of Chandigarh. Earlier Disha was associated with My Himachal and visits Shimla regularly.

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