Another benami land deed surfaces

[lang_en]KUMARHATTI: In another case of benami land transaction in this area, Dhani Ram a resident of Dhillon village near here has accused eight person to make fake sale deed of land that originally belonged to him. In a complaint letter to Chief Minister, DC , Solan and SP, Solan, Mr. Dhani Ram an aged man has blamed that the land measuring 3 bigha 15 biswa alongside the road under 262/19 khasra number was allegedly sold under fake GPA on 26th July this year.

Dhani Ram came to know about the fraud when some outside person claimed their rights on his land. The confused and harassed, Dhani Ram approached the Tehsil office and inquired about his land records.

During his investigation he found that the land ownership was put under some other person, supported by the fake witnesses. Few days later, the fake owner of land sold the land to some other person. The land intekaal was done on September 20 by the fake land owner in name of new buyers of land.

Interestingly thump sign was marked in place of signature on deed. Ironically the Dhani Ram is an educated man.

Dhani Ram has accused the nexus between revenue officials-middleman-buyers, while questioning on which base the deed was carried on. Interestingly the fake owner and witnesses photographs were affixed in the sale deed.

The man, who masterminded the land deed, was a local and relative of victim. The questiones remained unanswered that how the outsiders managed to buy land in state, and how the photo of fake owner on GPA was approved by the Lambhardhar and how revenue department okayed the deed.

Meanwhile, the police have started investigation in matter following directions from top level.[/lang_en]

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