A word with Shweta Rana, the rising tennis star from Himachal

Born in Himachal Pradesh, Shweta Rana is a young star on the horizon of tennis. Candid, confident about her game and a known name, My Himachal gets to talk to her about her dreams and game.

*Hi Shweta. For those who haven’t marked you yet, please introduce yourself.

Shweta-Hi! I am Shweta Rana. I’m 15years old and an international tennis player as well.

*You started tennis at an early age of 9. How come?

Shweta-Yeah, I started tennis at the age of 9. My dad’s a soccer coach and I used to go with him and play basketball, soccer, gymnastics and so on. One day my mom asked me to try tennis and the coach saw me and told her that I’d potential. So, it all began.

*When people of your age have fun and bunk classes. Do you feel you miss out on something?

Shweta-No, not at all. I feel good that I’m in such a good line. Talking of fun I think I have much more fun than a student coz we travel all over the world and we do everything that a normal person does, so its more fun in sports.

*You have been selected as an elite probable for the 2010 Common Wealth Games. How does it feel?

Shweta-I’m happy or being selected. It’s really a high peak for me, like a dream came true but this is just a beginning really. It feels out of the world and I’m really happy.

*You have also been Asia no 1 at the age of 14 and rank as U- 16 All India number 2. Where would you like to see yourself in the coming years?

Shweta– I would love to see myself in senior circuits and doing something really good in juniors’ grand slams. A gold medal in commonwealth and improving my rank in ITF’s juniors is a goal for now.

*You represented India in U-14 Team World Junior Final in the year 2007-2008. How does it feel like- representing a nation with your name? Does it increase pressure on you?

Shweta-It was a good experience. There is no pressure on me because I was representing India for the very first time and more than winning, it is about the experience. We went to Czezh Republic and got 12th place out of 32.

*Who do you look up to when it comes to tennis?

Shweta-Rafeal Nadal and Justin Hennin in tennis.

*And in real life?

Shweta- I believe in myself. I have never thought of being like someone else, I just want to be different.

*You’d been selected as an elite probable for the 2010 Common Wealth Games! What would be your strategy?

Shweta-No comments on that because it’s a secret plan that I make. When I see the draw and know about my opponent then I make the strategy for the match.

*Assess your game?

Shweta-My footwork is my strongest point. Touchwood, I’m really fast on court and my forehand is good. My volleys is good and so is the first serve.

*Do you follow tennis on TV as well?

Shweta-No, I just watch players play. If I get something nice I try that in my game.

*Any other sports that interest you? Or for that matter any more hobbies?

Shweta-Swimining and listening to music. I love to dance and draw as well.

*What would be your tennis fantasy?

Shweta-To see myself on top of the world, to be no.1 in world and to break records. This week I created history in DSCL Women’s Championship. Being a Qualifier, I lost in the finals after beating so many experienced seeding players.

*What do you think of Indian tennis on the world map?

Shweta-Indian tennis is weak. Especially at junior level in the international arena its tough in India. However, at a senior level things are much better.

*And in Himachal?

Shweta-Sadly, in Himachal there is no scope for tennis yet but I hope to take Himachal Tennis on the world map. Thanks.

Thanks Shweta, you are one young gun and we hope to see you achieving all your dreams.

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