Health center at Dharampur faces staff shortage

KUMARHATTI: The high frequency of accidents rate on Kalka-Shimla national highway, notwithstanding the Community Health Center (CHC) at Dharampur, 4-km from here was continued to reel under severe staff shortage. The center was the only health center between high accident prone stretch of highway between Jabli to this town that supposed to provide medical aid to accident victims.

The center was upgraded from Primary Health Center to CHC in 2001, but till date the infrastructure has not been upgraded. The doctor strength of two including Block Medical Officer was same as that used to be during PHC time. As per CHC norms there should at least six doctors.

The posts of nurse and para-medical staff are also lying vacant. The sole nurse performs duty in three shifts. Similar is the case with the paramedical staff that consisted of only two persons. As many as 12 beds of CHC usually remain unoccupied despite CHC has daily OPDs between 80 to 100 person. Many cases, including delivery cases, are being referred to the District Hospital, Solan.

The X-ray machine that has developed fault many years back has not been repaired. There is an urgent need of new X-ray machine, pointed out a senior staff member of CHC. There was also an urgent need to set up a trauma center in CHC, maintained another staff member.

The successive state governments have adopted nonchalance attitude despite CHC have given written requests to upgrade the facilities in center to CHC level on many occasions.

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