Rain leaves trail of destruction in Parwanoo

KUMARHATTI: The heavy rain at Parwanoo and its surrounding areas in past few days has wrecked havoc on large scale. The approach road to industrial area near Taksaal village housing around dozen industries has been badly damaged in rain. The bridge on road connecting Taksaal with Parwanoo was washed out in the last rainy season. The industrialists at their own had dumped loose soil on damaged portion to make the road pliable after PWD failed to repair the bridge despite repeated pleas.

The Taksaal area was cut-off form rest of world from the past few days. It was even hard to cross the damaged portion on feet. The PWD has shown lethargic attitude despite it was asked to improve the situation on many occasions , lamented Mr. Rakesh Bansal of Wires and Strips Private Limited at Shivloti Industrial area near Taksaal. The bridge on road to Taksaal was damaged last year but till date not a single stone has removed by PWD, he rued.

Meanwhile the industrial area at Kamli and Khareen villages near Parwanoo have also faced the fury of rain as rain to this areas witnessed landslips at many points. The slush and debris have accumulated at many points on road. Even two wheelers were not able to cross through the road.
The condition of 2-km stretch of road beyond Kamli has gone from bad to worse. The bitumen was no where to see as thick layer of malwa has covered the road surface. At some points the two feet high debris has accumulated on road. Though the two wheelers were somehow managing to ply on road the things were hard for four wheelers and trucks to cross thorough the road.

The slush has prevailed at many points thus making it tough even for pedestrians. A bridge over the Kaushalya River linking Kamli with Khareen was under slush cover thanks to the lack of proper drainage along road. Moreover choking of seasonal nullahs due to the indiscriminate construction has further added to problem. The rainwater rather to gush thorough the natural course was flowing over the road. As a result the huge quantity of slush has gathered on bridge.

To cross bridge one has to put his or her safety on risk as there was no other choice than to walk slowly on narrow pavement alongside the bridge. The short term repair measures adopted by PWD seemed to be insufficient as road was in need of thoroughly re-carpeting.

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