Himachal government to sort out public complaints with the help of e-grievances software

A meeting of officers of Irrigation and Public Health Department in order to review the progress made during the financial year 2007-08 and lay down targets for the year 2008-09 was held in which Ravinder Singh Ravi, Irrigation and Public Health Minister directed the officers to redress the grievances of the public on priority and informed that the complaints were now being received through e-grievances software and were being disposed off at a fast pace.

He further announced that the state government has decided to install 2000 hand pumps in the drought prone areas of the state meanwhile simplifying the rules for obtaining water connections on private land. He informed that as per the newly proposed guidelines, the landowner would have to submit only an affidavit instead of certificate of Patwari. He said that every officer should be present at their headquarters so that people do not face any difficulty and the department has decided to make offices for JEs at their section headquarter in a phased manner.

The Minister said that farmers should be motivated to adopt modern irrigation techniques and stressed upon adopting drip and sprinkler irrigation techniques.

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  1. says: Archit "Sant"

    On dated 29th July 09 i was traveling in the mandi depot bus TA TA a/c (Manali to Delhi) (HP-65-1536) starts to run from mandi on 9.30 pm.
    THAT this bus was giving a/c problem from 5km ahead from mandi when driver and conductor check the wire the a/c starts to run, in Ghagus the a/c again met with fault and in Bilaspur the driver, conductor again check the a/c system for 15-20 minuetes and it again starts to run.
    THAT after 10-12 km from bilaspur bus stand the a/c again met with same fault and the area near Baner smoke starts to come from the a/c circuit and the conductor in the bus announced the passenger that please quickly get off from the bus one by one and the ladies, senior citizen and children, in the bus got seared.
    THAT after this big incident everybody was scared and was out of the bus and the driver conductor disconnect the a/c circut and called to the mandi depot and other concerned persons but nobody was picking up the call and again starts to run the bus to Delhi.
    THAT after 2-3 hours when bus was on the way without a/c and the passengers in the bus including ladies, senior citizens, children getting suffocation without a/c and the passenger first demanded the RM mobile number from the conductor but when he was not picking up the call then passengers took the mobile no of DM he picked up the call and after listening whole the story he disconnected the call but when the passengers were again and again calling on his number after 10-15 minutes he picked up the call. on that particular time all the passengers told to the DM that in this whole travel we got lot of problems & suffocation and we are traveling in the bus “WITHOUT A/C” for which we have paid more then double fair from ordinary bus so from where the a/c is not working properly our fair should be charged as a ordinary bus fair and the passengers were demanding from the DM that order the conductor to refund our fair which was taken as a a/c charges. But the DM didn’t order to do so and again disconnected the call.
    THAT when the passenger demanded the complaint book from the conductor then he said that the complaint book is not given to me and he cooperate with us and told that you can write your complaint on the log book and the passengers written their complaint on page no.35 of the log book.

    Coplaint By…
    Archit “Sant”

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