Himachal government to ask for Centre intervention on the issue of APMC act

Narender Bragta, the Horticulture Minister stated that the state government will seek Central Government intervention w.r.t the implementation of the model A P M C Act. He said that State Government will evolve political consensus with all political parties of the state on in order to make sure that it is implemented soon for although the A P M C Act has been passed in Delhi long ago but the implementation has been withheld by the Delhi Government.

He alleged that the implementation is being withheld due to pressure from powerful business lobby which is exploiting the fruit growers by charging commission from them instead of buyers as per provision of the Act. He further said that a unanimous resolution on this issue has also been adopted in the recently held Conference of the Horticulture Ministers of the hilly states as the Delhi Government was requested to safeguard the interests of the fruit growers instead of big business men but so far nothing has been done yet.

Asking the government of the hilly states of the country to take a united stand on the long pending demands with Central Government and forcefully plead their case, he asked the Central Government to take a liberal view on the matter.

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