PRI officers to get TA/DA

The office bearers of the Panchayati Raj Institutions would now be entitled to draw traveling and daily allowance as per the norms fixed by the state government for undertaking journey for official duties.

The Chief Minister announced that the state has considered the demand of the Panchayati raj institutions representatives and would be providing grant-in-aid to the gram panchayats to meet the expenditure on account of the official journey expenditure of the Panchayati raj representatives with a view to bring about efficiency in the functioning of the gram panchayats all over the state.

30,081 panchayati raj representatives and its employees would benefit with the decision while the honorarium of the zila parishad, panchayat samitis and gram panchayat representatives had been enhanced considerably. The panchayat sahayaks who had been drawing Rs. 2,340 have been upgraded to monthly remuneration of Rs. 3,120. He further said that 225 posts of panchayat sahayaks had been sanctioned to look after the routine functioning of the gram panchayats. The Panchayati Raj Training Institute at Bainjath would be strengthened and equipped with necessary infrastructural facilities to cater to the requirements of the elected representatives of Panchayati raj institutions of Kangra division and also some parts of district Mandi.

The state government had also enhanced the grant for construction of gram panchayat ghar from Rs. 2.00 lakh to Rs. 3.40 lakhs earmarking Rs. 4.65 crore for the current financial year. He said that the gram panchayats having their panchayat ghar would be entitled to draw additional Rs. 1.00 lakh to construct additional accommodation and an additional budgetary provision of Rs. 7.30 crore had been made for current financial year. He further said that the Panchayat Samitis would also be provided a sum of Rs. 2.00 lakh each for the construction of office buildings and furniture etc.

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