Divya Himachal initiates a signature campaign for Tibetan cause

Divya Himachal, one of the leading newspapers in the state has launched an appeal to feature voices against the Chinese brutalism. The signature campaign hopes to provide support to the Tibetan’s in their battle of rights and land. The campaign holds the issue as a human concern.

It praises Dalai Lama for being peaceful and always upfront wherever there is an option of talks with China. It appeals to the Chinese Government for holding talks and at least grant them religious freedom. It further reads that by doing this China would gain respect of all the nations.

The signature campaign can be reached at All Manjeel Franklin Estate, Lower Jakhu, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh or can be contacted at 0177-2804505, 2658028. You can also mail in to [email protected].

Please sign and return the attached letter to Divya Himachal on above address.

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  2. says: Sujan Negi

    Divya HImachal is taking up a noble cause which I fully support. I wish every form of media and institution does the same. One needs to go around the world to see the amount of support given to the Tibetans and their cause with their own eyes. Tibetans have been living in India for more than 50 years since they were forced to leave their country in 1959. The Indian people have stood by them as much as possible.

    Few politicians have expressed views which amounts to humilation for Indians around the world and their views do not represent the views and opinions of rest of Indians. Most Indians will stand by Tibetans because it is the right thing to do. Tibetans have lived in India for 50 years and not allowing them the basic right of protest against Chinese brutality is a violation of basic human rights.

    When Bhudhism was uprooted from India, it is the Tibetans who preserved this rich tradition. Today it is the responsibility of us to help them preserve their art, culture and traditions while suppoting them in their non-violent protests against Chinese brutality. We have done this so far and let us continue it without distraction.

    Today India is making its presence felt on the world stage. If we display cowardice by bowing to Chinese pressure, we will loose all the progress and prestige we have earned so far. Let us be bold and be one step ahead in supporting the Tibetans and do the right thing and earn respect among the countries of the world.

    I wish Divya Himachal the best in its noble endeavour. I also wish each and every Indian best of luck in whatever they do to support our Tibetan brothers and sisters in India and around the world.

    Sujan Negi

    1. says: raka Kaul

      Divya Himachal has been always supporting the Tibetan cause and the signature compaign is an added effort .I congratulate the team for coming forward with novel ideas.let’s join hands for the noble cause.

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