Guv calls scientists to be more alive to the problems of farmers


Palampur: V.S. Kokje, Governor has called upon the Scientist community to be proactive towards the newly emerging problems of the farmers and livestock keepers. Governor was chairing the seventeenth senate meeting of the CSK H.P. Agricultural University, at Palampur today.

Mr. Kokje drew the attention of the scientists towards declining area under agriculture and advised that efforts must be made for precision farming so that the food grain production may not decline.

He also advised that suo moto action be taken towards the problems like high failure rate of artificial insemination, poor animal management, etc, and take action to reduce financial losses to the livestock keepers.

He expressed the hope that as per the proposal of the Vice-Chancellor, the University will be made Wi-fi campus in due course of time.

He also appreciated the proposal to establish a Community Radio (CR) station for effective farm communication needs.

Dr. Tej Pratap. Vice-Chancellor informed that twenty adhoc research projects worth Rs. 7.55 crore had been sanctioned to the University and 37 research projects worth Rs. 24.83 crore submitted to different funding agencies for financial assistance. He further stated that the University had developed five varieties of different crops and recommended twelve technologies for the use of the farmers, adding that Tissue Culture Lab worth Rs. 66.00 lakh had been operationalzed at Hill Agricultural Research and Extension Centre, Dhaulakuan for commercializing micro propagation technology of high value cash crops.

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