The Future of eLearning

In present technological scenario and rapidly changing social environment eLearning is replacing the traditional classrooms. In developed world countries like United States, France etc, students are trained through online classes and the trend is becoming popular in Asia too especially India where if students are still hesitant to attend white board teachers are providing their expertise to distant students if not in the home country.

Many companies are booming up here in India for providing eClasses; places like Mumbai and Bangalore are becoming prominent centers for providing eTutorials. It’s booming but the big question is what is the future of eLearning? Everyone educators, parents, and students have the question in mind but no one able to answer. To check it out it’s imperative to look the trends concerned with learning, which are already taking control in our world.

First and foremost is the knowledge share. Knowledge is expanding at tremendous rate, thanks to World Wide Web where information is available with the click of a mouse and without putting much effort. Today the growth of knowledge share is so much big that a high school graduate knows more than Big Daddy knows in his lifetime and this become possible because of Internet. Websites like Wikipedia, Yahoo, and MSN are already providing the good quality information through Internet. Encarta of MSN is good resource and a viable one. Top Search Engine Giant GOOGLE is also in the race of knowledge share, recently it’s heard that GOOGLE is going to launch KNOL a GOOGLE project of knowledge share. When such big corporate are striving for knowledge share its hard to consider, whether the e learning will boom or bust.

Wikipedia has big brain of RMS a Physicist, a knowledge reservoir himself, MSN has Bill Gates and definitely these people are seeing some growth both economical and social in the knowledge share that these are involved in such projects. Sorry to Say, Mr. Gates wound never breathe without money, so definitely there is economical growth too. Providing classrooms through eWay requires much effort than traditional classrooms and there is lack of expertise too, many more companies are coming each day in the market leveraged with eGurus but few of these are only surviving, making ‘the survival of the fittest the fact of today’, as said by Darwin several decades back.

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