Himalayan Ski Village To Be Allotted On International Bidding Basis – Dhumal

Shimla: Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal categorically stated that the Himalayan Ski Village project in Kullu-Manali would be allotted in a transparent manner by inviting competitive international bids.

Responding to a My Himachal News query the chief minister said “the Himalayan Ski Village projects in its present shape was not acceptable to the government. “We have opposed the project from the start on the grounds that it has not been allotted in a transparent process,” he said. The government was reviewing the whole project proposal, he added.

The government would also awaiting the courts verdict in the matter as a public interest litigation on the proposed project was pending before the state high court, he said.

Other conditions for having a ski village in the heights of Manali included that the project put forth a detailed environment impact assessment (EIA) report and obtain clearance from the defence ministry for having such a resort close to an international border, said the chief minister.

Speaking about SEZ, Dhumal said the government would welcome investments but would not allow use of agricultural land for the purpose as the state was deficient in cultivable land.

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  1. says: Shiva Chopra

    It seems the CM Dhumal is foolish and Hhe does not want the entire country of India to benefit from a world-class OLYMPIC ski village in Manali, Himalchal Pradesh. China is able to invite the Olympics to India, however because of fools like CM Dhumal, India is not able to invite the winter Olympics to India. Unevolved and corrupt politicians like CM Dhumal keep India from entering to the world market of tourism, conservation awareness and world class skiing for Indians and foreingers.

    Certainly, CM Dhumal is a caveman without elegant comprehension about the benefit to Himalchal and to young Indians, if the sport of skiing is made safe and available to urbanized Indians in New Delhi and Bombay during winter months.

    It would give India and Indians hoep to be the best at winter sports- since we also excel at tennis.

    CM Dhumal wishes to keep young Indians in the stone ages. No thank-you.
    -Shiva Chopra

  2. says: Professor/Dr. Neil Garland

    How sad such a prized piece of India’s history, perhaps its most hallowed ground will be baksheeshed, sold, spoiled for all the wrong reasons. There will never be enough access for any Winter Games nor ever any Winter Olympics. The politicians will get rich as a few locals and the rest will disappear. Mahatma Gandhi is crying in agony, the Himalayas he wanted to visit, are to be raped and pillaged for only simple money and power.The local peoples all over the entire State will forever suffer from such foolishness. I have lived in this region off and on since I first went to India in 1973. It is in perhaps best to say, my back yard where I hoped to construct a hospital for the local people in the future. Now there will be no stones to build houses, extra diesel pollution and God Knows What!!!! To build and pollute is the same and taking the Battlefield of Gettysburg and making a Disney attraction out of it. This valley was the place the Indian Vedas were written, composed and debated. The father of Indian Astrology lived near. Ved Vyasa is the local Rishi or saint of the local villages. Jaharahal Nehru had the waters tested in all over the Himalayas and there is a spring nearby that is perhaps the best and purest water in the world. This region deserves to be made into Mahatma Gandhi Nature Reserve. It has many precious glaciers, special medicinal alpine plants rare and disappearing, rare birds that have reduced already in the 35 years I have monitored the region. Cancer, suicide, heart disease, etc. has increased immensely as a result of using chemicals on the apples grown in the area and’.. Need I go on? I hope these folks can be reasoned with.

    Too bad my friend Sunil Dutt passed away a few years ago, we must pray and hope for a miracle to save this pure land .

  3. says: Sanjay

    I am very much with Dr. Neil Garland at what he said about the SKI village. I too feel the same as i live in this region(Kullu) and dont want the whole of this region destroyed by such foolishness.

  4. says: Heidi

    I have mixed feelings about the Himalayan ski Village. If it does proceed, I hope that it does so in an environmentally friendly manner, and I hope that it provides locals from Kullu with high paying jobs and tourism. I am looking forward to an update on this project.

  5. says: Vijay Singh

    I also fully agree with Dr. Garland and Mr. Sanjay … and no local / poor fellow is going to benefit in any way .
    The company has already bught huge lands in benami land deals , in the name of a few locals ( Rich and related to the Indian director ) . The site and location is not being told exactly , so as not to give benifit to other local land owners but rather to buy more land and delect few get more benefit .
    Erstwhile tourism minister is their good friend ( every one in Himachal knows that ) , and the directors moove in recently acquired plush 4×4 / and who cares for environment or the locals .. and will bribe their way to get all environmental clearances , as they did from previous government .
    I just feel sorry for the Locals , and too bad for Himachal , as untill now , it had preserved its ecology / Himalyan eco system and is soon going up in smokes….
    God only can Help

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