State to manage every drop of water

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh IPH Minister, Ravinder Singh Ravi, asked the department to manage every drop of water to meet the requirement of the public.

Today, presiding over the Departmental officers’ meeting to review the progress of ongoing drinking water supply scheme of Shimla and Solan he said that water-availability from all sources to Shimla town is reported as 32 to 34 mld against a peak requirement of 42 mld. Taking serious note of inadequate distribution and management effort within the towns and directed all concerned to swing into action and start instantly plugging leakage as first step to it.

He also directed I & PH department to commission the water supply schemes from River Giri to Shimla and Solan town respectively by 15th April, 2008 positively. He also added that department would provide 10 mld water to Shimla in the first instant from Giri-River from where 20 mld water is planned to be lifted and meet the scarcity of water before summers.

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  1. says: s k sud

    drinking water problem in palampur and adjoining areas persists for too long periods. some times it is not provided for 4-5 days continuosly . the problem is persistanr for the last two months; still when the water is made available it is muddy and not fit for raw domestic use, what to speak of drinking the same.

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