Withholding Himachal’s Electoral Count Till End Of Term Has Logic – Virbhadra Singh

Constitutional Crisis In Himachal

Shimla: The government does not intend to petition before the High Court. But there is logic in a petition filed which seeks postponement of the electoral count till the present government completes its term. The election result either way will undermine functioning of the present government, said chief minister Virbhadra Singh at a conference call.

The chief minister was responding to a question which sought to know what stand the government would take to the petition filed revenue minister Sat Mahajan, in his individual capacity, seeking withholding of the electoral count till the term of the present assembly gets over in March.

“The Election Commission should have thought of such an eventuality when it decided to hold an early poll in the state,” said Singh.

Even though chief election commissioner N Gopalaswami had categorically ruled out any constitutional crisis by springing a surprise to hold an early poll, but having in place two elected assemblies, should the poll result be declared on schedule, has rendered the government lame and is finding it difficult to enforce governance because of the prevailing uncertainty.

The chief minister has asked the election commission to disqualify the election candidates who are threatening a constitutionally and legally elected government..

“Either way, I don’t intend resigning on 28th December, when the election result is announced,” he said. “Whoever gets elected for the next term will have to wait till 9th March when the present legislative assembly completes its term,” said Virbhadra Singh.

“In fact we intend to hold a winter session and even pass laws,” said the chief minister. “Nobody has the constitutional right to shorten the term duration of the current assembly,” he reiterated.

He said the Election Commission to take into account statements of BJP election candidates, as the code of conduct in force, who have been openly expressing intentions to defy the constitution by openly threatening to withhold the government functioning beyond poll count, should the verdict not be in the favour of the ruling party.

Singh, at the same time held that the three month long enforcement of the election code of conduct had stalled the government from functioning and all developmental works in the state had come to a stand still.

“Even ongoing projects came to a halt and the precious autumn working season for the hill state was wasted. It has caused losses worth crores of rupees and set back many projects by as much as six months,” he said.

The chief minister claimed that the congress was returning to power and the people had appreciated the development carried out over the last five years.

In the same breath, he dismissed the adverse projections made by a TV channel exit poll saying, “the process is grossly overrated as mostly such projections have fallen flat and the pollsters have had to eat their words.”

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  1. says: RKS

    Sticking to the chair seems to be the only motto of modern politicians. They have crossed all limits in Himachal by filing a petition to stall the results. People, who have now given a fresh verdict, are being insulted. This way we cannot ever think of “recall principle” of democracy as practiced in civilized society. Here politicians have defined people’s verdict as a contract of five years to loot the state and nothing else. It is only the fears of defeat in fresh elections that have made them to follow this course. These words may be harsh but reveals truth about the limits of morality that have been crossed by inflicting insult on electorates.

  2. says: Major Subhash Chand Sharma ( Retired)

    I feel , The Chief Minister should resign,immediately after the declaratioon of results, irrespective of the fact that which party wins.

    It is desired in a democratic set up and I am hopeful that Sh Virbhadar Singh ( RAJA JI )would submit his resignation even before the counting of votes is completed on 28 Dec 2007.

    It is desired , so that RAJA JI can lead his rest of life peacefully.

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