Prevailing systems need some alterations for better results: Study

Shimla: Sirkant Baldi, a senior IAS officer with the government has brought into light few points in his study to improve quality of public service and directorates – they need to have full financial and administrative delegations. Moreover, the study said that performance based governance will fetch better results.

“While the secretariat should limit itself to policy formulation and performance measurement, execution of all schemes and programmes should be left completely to the directorates,” said Baldi.

He highlighted the following points in his study:

  • There is no clear cut accountability of the government personnel to deliver the best from the resources available with them.
  • There is need of procedure based relationship than performance based relationship between the departments for efficient, transparent and accountable working.
  • Administrative Information System should interlink the relationship between the secretariat and directorates for efficient governance.
  • Taking an example of the Rural Development Department, he stressed upon a system of single file than prevailing dual file system for decision- making.
  • A clear distinction is required in the roles of the secretariat and the directorates in administrative and governance matters.
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